Escape Safe are now using a new type of photo-luminescent material for our safety signs, low-level escape systems and marker tapes - Jalite AAA. This material has three to four times the luminance performance of ordinary 'Class A' photo-luminescent materials, therefore improving ease of recognition, legibility and durability.

The material is Lloyds type approved for marine applications and exceeds the requirements of ISO 15370 and IMO Resolution A752(18).

Certificates of conformity can be supplied by Escape Safe for the photo-luminescent materials upon completion of installation.


Escape Safe (UK) Ltd. are an authorised distributor for Jalite photo-luminescent products which are manufactured in accordance with the exacting requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures. These top quality products allied to competitive pricing should satisfy all client requirements.

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AAA photoluminescent safety products have been optimised using the latest unique technology to provide the following key features:

  • Exceptional high brightness within the first few minutes!
  • Incredibly conspicuous signs and notices that can be clearly seen and read in total darkness - ideal for use within life-saving applications!
  • Excellence in performance - JALITE AAA material stays brighter for longer than P.S.P.A. Class A materials: expect 3-4 times the luminance performance!
  • Improved material technology - incredibly improved ageing and weathering performance!
  • Major improvements in material physical properties - resulting in a better quality longer lasting product!

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Outstanding Performance

The graph opposite shows that in the critical period following power failure, JALITE AAA products - even after short periods with low activating light levels - provide properties far beyond anything yet seen in photoluminescence for safety applications.

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  • Three times the luminance performance of P.S.P.A. Class A! P.S.P.A. (Photoluminescent Safety Products Association) classifies materials into specific groups, according to their luminance performance criteria. Class A is recommended as the minimum for safety products.
  • Exceeds DIN 67 510 Part 4! DIN (Deutsche Norm) the European specification and requirements for luminance performance criteria and standards is covered by DIN 67 510 parts 1-4.
  • Exceeds IMO A.752(18)! IMO (International Maritime Organization) A.752 (18) specifies the minimum luminance performance for the marine environment.